Zentangles are an easy and relaxing way to create drawings or doodles. They are made up of a series of shapes and patterns and can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Many Zentangles are created using a black pen but you can add colour too if you wish.

Below is a beginners guide to Zentangle…

Start by drawing a simple square, roughly 3×3 inches.

You can fill any gaps with shading or smaller shapes and patterns.

Divide your square into sections using lines or shapes.

Your first Zentangle is complete! Remember, there is no wrong way to doodle.

Fill each section with a different pattern of your choosing (examples below).

Need some inspiration? Here’s some pattern examples to choose from.

Why not start with a different shape?

You can start be drawing around everyday objects or use one of the outlines below…

You can also try Zentangle freehand.

Rather than beginning with an outline, start by making marks on the page – lines, scribbles and smaller shapes – and building up from there…