Create your own dinosaur landscape picture with these templates! Colour in and cut out your chosen dinosaur and plants and set them out on one of the landscape backdrops below. You can stick them down or leave them loose so you can move them around. Don’t worry about colours! Your dinosaur can be whatever colour you want it to be. Choose from one of the already coloured backdrops below or colour in a blank one yourself.

What adventures could your dinosaur have? When you’ve finished designing your picture why not let it inspire a comic strip! We have comic pages templates here…


Step 1: Print out and colour in the picture on this sheet (click to enlarge). You don’t have to use them all. You can use felt tips, crayons, pencils or whatever you have at home to colour in. CarefuCut them out when finished.

Step 2: Choose a landscape below. You can pick one already coloured in or a blank one to colour yourself. Remember, the colours are entirely up to you! There is no wrong answer. You could also draw your own backdrop.

Step 3: Place your cut out plants and dinosaurs on your landscape and stick them down. Create a story to go with it if you like!