With our social groups temporarily suspended at the moment, we’ve invited some of the scheduled guest speakers to tell us a bit about themselves and the incredible work they do. This week we hear from Sign Language teacher and Therapist, Elaine Vinters:


It’s been such a while since I came to the Thursday group and I am really looking forward to getting over to see you all again in the future.

I had great time teaching Sign language to you all and hope you’re all well.

 Who can remember their name in sign or the ABC? Christmas songs seem such a distant memory now!!

If you guys want to learn more I’d love to come teach more signs maybe even start  a weekly class when we can. 

I would like to visit you again and tell you more about some other things I do. I also am a qualified therapist and teach:

Reiki, life coaching, massage oncology, pregnancy, sports, sign language, meditation and teach all courses if you are looking at a career change or just relaxing retreat. 

See you all soon,


Facebook: reikicoachuk
Email: contact@elainevinters.com
Web: www.elainevinters.com

Click through the gallery below to see pictures form the Elaine’s last visit to Qube…