Create high-quality short films using your mobile device

Dates: 18th May, 25th May, 1st June and 8th June 10:30 – 12:30. £49 per person. Places limited.

A series of four two-hour Zoom workshops giving you an introduction to the filmmaking process, plus an additional 40-minute one-to-one remote support session for each participant.

Please note: You will need a smart phone or tablet to take part in this workshop programme.

These sessions aim to build your skills and confidence in using mobile devices and simple editing apps to create engaging, high-quality, short video content for your website and social media.

1. Shaping ideas to engage people
Develop your ideas to plan engaging content for a specific audience. We’ll consider what the ‘story’ is, and how you might tell it to your audience in an appropriate way.

We’ll look at how this will inform the visuals and sound you plan, whether you’re promoting your work, creating a video for an online workshop, or taking people on a virtual tour.

We’ll start to look at capturing video and sound on mobile devices, and outline some key features and ways of working to help capture the best content with your device, looking ahead to the edit.

2. Pictures
How might you use images to communicate with your audience? 

We’ll explore how to capture high-quality video with a smart phone or tablet. We’ll think about visual storytelling, and how to create an engaging experience by planning and capturing appropriate shots and angles ready for the edit. We’ll look at composition, using available lighting, and the impact of different angles and types of shot.

3. Sound
How might you use sound, with images, to engage your audience? 

We’ll explore how to capture the best quality sound with a smart phone or tablet. We’ll look at ways to improve the sound you can capture in different situations and locations, and the benefits and limitations of low-cost microphones. We’ll think about sync sound, voiceover, wild track, and music, and what you’ll need to plan for your edit.

4. Editing pictures and sound
Creating simple short films using free or low-cost editing packages.

We’ll look at the principles and practicalities of editing. We’ll talk about how to make the most of your visuals and audio and how to put them together to tell the story, or create the experience, that you’ve planned.

We’ll consider the files you’ll need to create to put your work on different platforms

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