New Exhibition at Qube: Mosses and Marshes

New Exhibition at Qube: Mosses and Marshes

There’s a brand new exhibition at Qube throughout October.

Join us for an exhibition of video, sound, prints and paintings by artists Andrew Howe (Shropshire, UK) and Kim V. Goldsmith (NSW, Australia) from their collaborative Mosses and Marshes project.

The Mosses and Marshes project spans two countries, both with Ramsar listed wetlands of international importance. It brings together artists, land managers and scientists to reimagine the future of these landscapes and the place they have in our communities.

Andrew Howe and Kim V. Goldsmith began working together via the international art programme, Arts Territory Exchange.  They each researched and made many visits to make field recordings in their respective wetlands at the Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses (UK) and Macquarie Marshes (Australia).  Their individual and collaborative work reflects local differences and shared global challenges for these fragile environments on opposite sides of the planet.



Kim V. Goldsmith is principally a digital media artist and producer, who uses sound, moving images and other technology to capture the natural environment in its various states of flux – be it focused on the experience via individual senses or more complex multi-sensory productions. Her work is largely informed and inspired by the management of rural and remote landscapes and the natural resources of western New South Wales. However, in collaborative works she often seeks out commonalities between physically remote environments.


Andrew Howe is a Shrewsbury-based artist, working solo and in collaboration with other practitioners and community groups.   He uses walking and mapping to explore how people interact with places, informed by experience of over 35 years in engineering and environmental consultancy.  He seeks to reveal hidden narratives and non-human perspectives, and conducts practice-led research on subjects including inhabiting places, relationships between sites, land ownership and public/private space.


Exhibition opening; Friday 1st October, 6-8pm


Also on display at Wem Town Hall:

Peat – Surface – Sky: an exhibition by Wem Youth Club featuring three 7m long banners and other artworks, including artworks by Andrew Howe and Sue Challis, and information about the Marches Mosses BogLIFE project from Shropshire Wildlife Trust (15th Sept to 30th October)