A focus on Art History with Gemma

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A focus on Art History with Gemma

Qube has been thrilled to have Sarah Gathercole with us for a special series of Art History sessions; “Women in Art”.

Our Arts & Creativity Officer, Gemma loves anything art and was so excited about these courses that she was the first to book on! She takes over this week’s blog post to share her thoughts on Sarah’s Special Art History Course and has even compiled a little reading list (with the help of Sarah) for anyone else who wants to carry on their learning.

“I was so excited when Sarah agreed to run the course for us that I immediately booked myself on (especially since I twisted her arm to do it!) I’ve absolutely loved the first two sessions ‘How are Women Depicted in Art and Why?’ and ‘The Struggle to be a Female Artist’. Sarah has a huge wealth of knowledge on the subject and the sessions have been so informative.

Following the sessions, I’ve been trying to read more books focusing on the history of women in art, and I got in touch with Sarah to ask if she had any book recommendations, so thought I’d share them around!”

Sarah’s Recommendations

sarah gathercole book recommendations

The Guerrilla Girls Bedside Companion to History of Western Art

Judy Chicago – The Dinner party – A symbol of our heritage

Jennifer Higgie – The Other Side – a Journey into Women, Art and the Spirit World

Alicia Foster – Tate Women Artists

MoMA – Ourselves – Photographs by women artists

Denver art museum – Women and Abstract Expressionism

My recommendations

gemmas book recommendations

Charlotte Mullins – A Little History of Feminist Art

Linda Nochlin – Why have there been no Great Women Artists?

Catherine McCormack – Women in the Picture – Women, Art and the Power of Looking

And on my shelf…

Katy Hessel – The Story of Art Without Men

Ferren Gipson – Women’s Work; From Feminine Arts to Feminist Art

Whitney Chadwick – Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement

“One last thing from me, don’t forget to book on to some of our future Art History Dates! The last block of the “Women in Art” sessions are running on 27th and 28th June and focuses is ‘Contemporary Women Artists’. Sarah is also running a further one-off session on 30th August, this focuses on women artists that work with the mediums of art that have traditionally been classed as craft and not high art. Plus she will be back in October for her usual eight-session block of general Art History sessions.

If you have any suggestions please do pop me an email on g.manning-bentley@qube-oca.org.uk