A Volunteer Story: Sylvia Dyke

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A Volunteer Story: Sylvia Dyke

“My Qube story goes back to when I moved to the Oswestry area six or so years ago. I used to volunteer with several groups where I previously lived, so I was keen to do the same when we relocated. I happened to see a notice saying the Qube Volunteer Coordinator was going to be at my local library, so I went to visit her and discussed the things that I was interested in volunteering in. Once we had gone through everything, she mentioned that Qube was looking for trustees and asked whether I would be interested.

I thought it would be worth visiting Qube to see how it worked and spoke with Laurel who was the Chief Officer of Qube at the time. I immediately felt interested in the Qube and what it had to offer. They provided lots of different services and activities which I was interested in and felt I could help in some way.

I’ve been a Trustee at Qube for just over five years and have been privileged enough to become the Vice Chair of Trustees. It’s been great to see how Qube has developed during my time here, not only did they show how adaptable they were during the Covid-19 Pandemic to still provide their fantastic services, but they have since added many more activities and services to their roster that the Oswestry and local Shropshire community are crying out for.

It’s a real pleasure to be Trustee for an organisation that offers so much to the local, and wider, community.”