About the Artist: Michele Coxon

About the Artist: Michele Coxon

This week, Qube have welcomed their newest exhibition. We are showcasing the eclectic artwork of local artist, Michele Coxon. We thought it would be great to share a little more about the artist and her long history of Art.

Michele has been a keen artist from a young age, forever drawing and painting throughout her childhood, she went on to enrol at the Royal Leamington School of Art when she was 16.

Since then she has enjoyed a hugely diverse career history, all of which feed into her wide variety of arts. From heading to the USSR as a nanny and teacher of art and craft to Ireland looking after horses, then studying and drawing wildlife in Africa, tagging seal pups in wales and guarding rare Osprey for the RSPB in Scotland. 

Michele’s extensive collection really demonstrates her passion for different mediums of art, featuring a variety of somewhat disturbing, yet deeply meaningful sculptures, textile quilts, plaster animal heads and she also has a series of beautifully authored and illustrated childrens books. She mainly uses recycled and salvaged materials, as well as textiles, plaster and ceramics.

Micheles quilting and mask art workHer artwork has featured in a number of fantastic and well-renowned venues such as the V&A, Wedgewood and Bonhams and Michele has been nominated for several awards, including the Victoria and Albert Museum Prize for Glass and Ceramics in 1999, the Welsh Oriel Open Prize in 2001 for her work “Blair Says the Countryside is Open” and the People’s Prize at the Welsh Open Prize in 2005 for “Granny’s Wallpaper”, both on display at Qube.  

Come on in and check out Michele’s solo exhibition. We’ll also be sharing a Q&A session we had with Michele which delves into some inspiration behind some of her fabulous pieces!