Art Exhibition – Michelle Woodward

Art Exhibition – Michelle Woodward

From 15th January to 14th February, our exhibition will be featuring the works of Artist and Printmaker Michelle Woodward.

Michelle won the People’s Choice Prize as part of our Arts Open last year. Her artwork ‘Summer Garden’ was voted as the best artwork by gallery visitors.

Michelle will be showcasing a variety of her recent lino prints, etchings and silkscreen prints.

Michelle’s Bio

“My work is illustrative in that it always depicts the things I see around me, places and objects. I like to collect images, draw them, store them in my sketchbook and then use them to make a print.  I draw in pen and ink and I will explore an image by drawing various compositions – whether from the natural or the constructed world, my work is always structural, I always look for the line and pattern that occurs in whatever I’m drawing!

I am member of the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham and currently my preferred printing techniques are lino cutting and silk screen printing.  All the pictures I have presented here in this collection are made in one of these ways. I really enjoy the physicality of the processes of printmaking and the surprise of the image as it emerges colour by colour.”