Past Exhibitions

Matisse: Drawing with Scissors

29th September to 30th October

Matisse: Drawing with Scissors, features 35 lithographic reproductions of the famous cut-outs, produced in the last four years of his life, when the artist was confined to his bed, and includes many of his iconic images, such as The Snail and the Blue Nudes.

A Haywood Touring exhibition from the Southbank Centre, London.

Qube Arts Open 2017

10th August – 28th September

The annual competition is a popular feature in the Qube calender. Artists from all over are invited to submit work to a particular theme in any medium. Shortlisted entries then go display in the gallery. This years theme was ‘New Horizons’.


Mary Fitzpatrick

11th May – 12th June

Shropshire based artist, Mary Fitzpatrick shows a varied and beautiful selection of her recent pieces. She uses gouache, acrylic, oil pastels and oil paints to create her works. Mary was the winner of the Qube Arts Open People’s Choice prize 2016.

Ow Bist

10th – 27th February

The works on display in the gallery were part of ‘Ow Bist Arts’, a two-year Qube project taking quality art experiences out into the rural community in North Shropshire and the Border counties.

Qube Creative Groups

10th January to 7th February 2017
A collection of beautiful works created by many of those who have attended our art classes over the past year.
Groups taking part this year include:
PaintAble, Beginners Drawing and Painting & U3A Watercolour

Ice Dance

30th September to 31st October 2016
Balcony Gallery: This exhibition was of amazing and beautiful ice crystals that have been captured by photographer and poet Rona Campbell, in North Wales.
This project was awarded a Welsh Arts Council Grant in 2011, and has been exhibited in many galleries in Manchester, Swansea, Letchworth and Denbigh, Carmarthen and Wrexham

All About Bees

16th August to 9th September 2016
During the summer term the children at Moreton First School have raised their awareness of honeybees and bumble bees by attending workshops and listening to guest speakers.
The outcome is a beautiful exhibition, featuring the works of Reception and Years 1, 2 and 3.

Millicent Kaye Children’s Art Exhibition

13th June to 27th June 2016
This annual competition has attracted a record 350 entries this year. Organised by Oswestry Rotary Club, local primary school pupils are invited to create a piece of art on a particular theme. Winning and highly commended entries go on display in the gallery. The theme this year is ‘Under the Sea’.

Language of Art

7th April to 9th May 2016
This exhibition is the product of a cultural exchange between Russian, English, Turkish and German artists. The artists inhabit different countries and speak different languages but use their artworks as a universal language.

Riikka Katajamaki

29th January to 29th February 2016
Balcony Gallery: Riikka is an artist, weaver and teacher based in Powys. This exhibition featured a collection of her latest woven hangings

Pauline Furnival

6th July – 7th August

Born in Manchester, Pauline has recently returned home after spending many years in Portugal and Brasil. She has had highly successful exhibitions in both countries. Brasil and its’ great variety of granites and marbles have been the inspiration for this series of her abstract artwork.

Martin Lewis

6th April to 8th May

This solo exhibition will feature a selection of recent abstract and semi-abstract works by Powys based artist, Martin Lewis


Conversation Works

2nd March – 3rd April

Art International was founded by Svetlana Elantseva in 2009. The aim of the group is to promote international understanding and co-operation through art.

After a successful exhibitions in Russia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria and Turkey Art International group has come back to Shropshire. ‘Conversation Works’ is a venture through which they envisage themselves as holding a ‘conversation’ through art which needs no translation.

Christmas Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2016

14th November to 23rd December 2016
With over twenty five different artists and craft makers exhibiting, the gallery was full of gorgeous local arts, crafts and gifts for visitors to browse around and pick up some great presents.
The exhibition included ceramics, paintings, wood carvings, jewellery, decorations as well as cards and prints. There was a great selection of local art and craft on display and something to suit all tastes and budget.

Qube Arts Open 2016

12th September to 7th November 2016
The annual competition is a popular feature in the Qube calendar. Artists from all over are invited to submit work to a particular theme in any medium. This year Qube called for entries on the theme ‘Migration’ and the gallery hosted an exhibition of 45 shortlisted works.
The winner of the Best in Show prize this year was Moira Vincentelli with ‘Struggling on’.
The four artworks that were highly commended and that the judges wanted to give a special mention to were:
‘Ocean Lookout’ by Peter Mearns
‘Refugee Messages’ by Moira Vincentelli
‘Rabbit Run’ by Michele Coxon
‘Exodus 8 – Promised Land’ by Mi-Young Choi
The winner of the People’s Choice Prize was Mary Fitzpatrick with ‘Birds Without Wings’.

Euryl Stevens: Retrospective

3rd March to 4th April 2016
Euryl’s work is full of colour and energy. She has created lively, sculptural characters in bold lines of stitchwork, richly decorated from a mixture of wool and paint. Her comical line-up of characters grin down from the gallery walls and each with a story to tell…. the corset-clad ladies, a wedding riot, screaming babes-in-arms, the shiny night club goers in their suits!

Waiting for the Decorator

12th May to 10th June 2016
A collaborative exhibition by three West Midlands based artists:
Frank Edmunds work is a mixture of Surrealism / Dada with other art references, Kitch elements and personal ideas. The work can vary in scale from small bronzes to large free standing ceramic pieces.
Kevin Hawker’s small paintings are both colourful and lively in an expressionist tradition. Most of his works revolves around events and landscapes.
David Irish’s paintings are city orientated and superficially appear careless in their production. Love them or loath them there is no middle road.


30th June to 5th August 2016
An exhibition of work by ‘Inspired’, a group of textile artist makers from North Wales.

Qube Creative Groups

7th January to 25th January 2016
A collection of beautiful works created by many of those who have attended our art classes over the past years.
Groups taking part included:
PaintAble, Beginners Drawing and Painting, Discovering Creativity & U3A Watercolour
These groups and many others were kindly supported by the Mary Hignett Fund and Oswestry Rotary Club.

The People's Choice

28th January to 29th February 2016 Winner of the Qube Open 2015 People’s Choice Prize, Richard Mountford displays a selection of his latest work. He chose to share the gallery with runners up, Anthony Purser, Lucy Price and Robin Edwards.