Gallery Hire

Qube presents a wide ranging programme of contemporary art exhibitions, which reflect innovation through print, graphic media and related art practices. Qube gallery’s annual programme includes exhibitions that have been selected from both open submission and by invitation. Qube develops art projects that reflect the aims of Qube Arts in a broad and challenging way.

Qube aims:

  1. To improve quality of life through the arts
  2. Provide access to the arts in a rural area
  3. To use art to push the boundaries of people’s knowledge and experience
  4. To engage with the wider community and develop new audiences for art

A Gallery Advisory panel meets four times a year to view proposals. This panel is made up from a wide range of people with different arts experience both from within and outside the organisation. At these advisory panel meetings Qube will decide on the exhibition programme for a 12 month period. Qube welcomes exhibition proposals from artists and curators, groups and individuals.

There are two gallery spaces available for hire:

Main Gallery: This space can be hired out at a rate of £240 for four weeks. Commission for sales is 20%, plus VAT on the commission. All exhibition slots are booked at least a year in advance.

Balcony Gallery: This smaller gallery space overlooks the main gallery and is hired out at a rate of £40 for four weeks. Commission on sales is 20%, plus VAT on the commission. Please contact Qube for current availability.

To hire either space you will need to send us an exhibition proposal outlining your plans for the space, which will then be viewed by the Arts Advisory Panel.

In your exhibition proposal you will need to provide an outline on no more than one side of an A4 sheet – for example the theme of the exhibition, a suggested title, the medium and the artists involved and target audience. In addition include an artist’s biography – no more than 100 words, one for each artist if this is a group proposal.

All exhibition proposals must be accompanied with visual documentation (images in photographs (jpegs are ideal), drawings, diagrams, video or DVD (which ever form is more relevant to your application)) Please provide between 3 and 6 images per artist. If you would like your visual material returned by post, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your proposal.

All applicants will be informed of the date of the meeting at which their proposal will be considered, they will be notified of the outcome of their exhibition proposal within two weeks of this meeting. Exhibition proposal submissions can be made at any time.

To download our application forms you will need Adobe PDF reader. Click to open and print each form.

Gallery Exhibition Proposals Form