Beginners Poetry Workshop with Sue Finch

As part of our Oswestry Pride Program of courses we are hosting a beginners poetry workshop with published author Sue Finch.


The session is called “What Can You Hear in the Silence?”


Sue Finch is the author of two poetry collections: Magnifying Glass (2020), and Welcome to the Museum of a Life (2024).  Her poems have appeared in a number of online magazines and have been featured on the poetry podcasts ‘Eat the Storms’ and ‘A Thousand Shades of Green’. She loves the coast, peculiar things, and the scent of ice-cream freezers. ‘Vortex Over Wave’ was published in 2023 and features a selection of her #ElasticBandPhotos and poems for the full moon.


Sue lives with her wife in North Wales. She says: I love setting words down on a page and I enjoy seeing where a line or a thought can take me. I have a writing desk in the corner of the lounge where there is room to tuck away into the quiet world of writing. My wife, Kath, is often invited to ‘Poetry Corner’ (a chair in our lounge) to be the first audience and critical listener for the drafts I am working on.


“Sue Finch’s voice is both steady and questioning as she sets down the archive of her life museum and invites you to lean in for a closer look. Each exhibit feels like a very personal and off-kilter chronicle of a collective memory where wolves and silence stand with their backs to the corners of the theatrical space of a museum cabinet in which Smurfs and giraffes have walk-on parts.” Helen Ivory.


Sue’s poems “have the ability both to beguile and shock you with their humour, tenderness and darkness”. Georgi Gill.


£10.00 per person

Thursday, June 13, 2024
13:00 — 14:00 (1h)

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