Shropshire Directory of Your Local Services

The Oswestry Local Directory gives information on support organisations in the Oswestry and surrounding areas.

Please use the search tool below to find information on a wide range of health, social care and community organisations in North Shropshire and the Borders.

You can also find a printed copy of the Oswestry Directory at Qube, The Centre, Oswestry library, your local GP surgery and at other locations.

Qube and Shropshire Together have compiled this list of providers for reference information only. These providers are not accredited by Qube or Shropshire Together and no quality assurance checks have been undertaken. Each individual is advised to satisfy themselves as to the standard of service being offered and its appropriateness.

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If you have any problems accessing information in the directory please contact Qube on 01691 656882 or email:


The Shropshire Community Connectors Networks

The Shropshire Community Connectors Networks are representatives from community groups, charities, Shropshire Council services, local businesses and other individuals who have an interest in helping or supporting local people.

The Shropshire Community Connectors Networks meets regularly for members to share support, exchange ideas and promote its services. Please contact us for details of future meetings.  If you or your organisation are interested in becoming a Community Connector please contact Qube on 01691 656882 or email:

The Oswestry Community Network and Oswestry Community directory, including new directories across Shropshire have been created by Qube and Shropshire Council as part of Shropshire Together Partnership.