Digital Skills Programme Shropshire

To ensure our community can keep up with everything going digital, Qube are delighted to be working with Shropshire Council to deliver the much sought-after Digital Skills Programme Shropshire!
Digital Skills Workshops

What is the programme?

The Digital Skills Programme is designed to provide one-to-one digital support and Digital Drop-Ins across Shropshire to enable digitally excluded people access to help with their digital technology in their local area. The programme offers access to two different types of courses so the learner can decide which one suits their digital requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the course availability?

We have two different courses available, our one-to-one digital support and our digital drop-ins. We have space for 35 individuals on our one-to-one digital support course and space for 20 individuals for our digital drop-ins.

What can I expect from the one-to-one digital support sessions?

The one-to-one digital support sessions are free of charge and are expected to last a minimum of one hour but can be longer where required. Each learner will receive a minimum of 8 hours of support with their one-to-one Digital Volunteer.

What’s covered in the one-to-one support sessions?

The one-to-one sessions are structured and will aim to accomplish a list of objectives, these are below:

  1. Getting Started – switch your device on and off, charging your device, using the mouse, touchscreen and keyboard, learnt how to use My Way
  2. Stay Safe – keeping safe and secure online, using your personal information safely, protecting yourself from scams and spam, using passwords to protect yourself
  3. Email – setting up email on your device, sending and receiving emails and attachments, identifying emails that might contain viruses or scams
  4. The Internet – connecting to the internet on my device, searching online using a search engine, downloading apps, safely visiting shops to buy goods, using online forms, accessing Shropshire Council services, accessing Shropshire Council library services, managing money and paying bills online, making GP appointments, ordering my medication online
  5. Documents and Storage – creating and naming documents and letters, saving documents in filing systems, storing my information efficiently
  6. Keep in Touch – keeping in touch with my family and friends using my device, creating a Facebook account, using voice / video calls through FaceTime, What’s App, Skype, or Messenger, meeting in groups using Zoom
  7. Photos – taking and saving/deleting photos using my device, editing photos and images, sending photos by email, sharing my photos through messages and social media

What can I expect from the Digital Drop-In Sessions?

The Digital Drop-In sessions are designed to provide free regular support in a friendly community setting. Our Digital Volunteers will lead the sessions and aim to help our learners overcome one-off problems with their devices or connectivity.

Organisations such as banks promoting safe online banking may also attend these sessions.

Digital Drop-Ins can be accessed by participants that have received one-to-one support, but “new” participants needing one-off help are the primary focus.

When do the courses start?

Our one-to-one sessions will be starting early October and we still have some spaces available so please call Billie, our Digital Skills Co-Ordinator to secure a space – this could be for you, a family member or friend. Our digital drop in sessions will be starting in due course and more details will be shared once these become available. We’re still recruiting for Volunteer Digital Helpers. For more details on all of these areas please call 01691 656882 or email

Become a Volunteer Digital Skills Helper

To support this wonderful programme, we’re looking for the support of some volunteers who can help show our learners the ropes. So, if you have some spare time and have a love for all things technology, then these volunteering opportunities could be right up your street. Get in touch to find out more about the programme, the training you’ll receive and how you can assist, call 01691 656882 or email

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