Drawing with Objects

Drawing with Objects

Artist Charlotte Tupper has created three great activities inspired by our local environment. All three activities can be created using objects found around the home. Take a look at the videos and worksheets below…

We would love to see your creations! Send us an image of your work to art@qube-oca.org.uk and we’ll share it online.

Recreate the Wrekin

Our everyday objects can fuel our imagination when we creatively use them in a different way. Inspired by Shropshire’s Wrekin, design a structure using household materials and invent what’s at the top! Download the Recreate the Wrekin instructions here and watch the tutorial video with Charlotte.

A Coat of Arms Made From Clothes

The colours and textures we choose to wear tell us a lot about ourselves. In this activity we will be drawing with our clothes! Download the Coat of Arms made of clothes instructions here and watch the tutorial video with Charlotte.

Landscape of our Home

Where we live is unique. Wander around your home and outdoor spaces and document what you find. Download the Landscape of our home instructions here and watch the tutorial video with Charlotte.