Vicky Turrell

Vicky Turrell

While our social groups were temporarily suspended due to Covid-19, we’ve invited some of the scheduled guest speakers to tell us a bit about themselves and the incredible work they do…


My name is Vicky Turrell. I am a writer and take a keen interest in wildlife and family history. I grew up on an isolated farm in Yorkshire. At school I specialised in the sciences and I left home at 18 to train as a teacher in the Midlands. I went on to graduate from the  newly formed Open University.

I have been a Headteacher in three schools in Shropshire and for a year I was an Advisory teacher for Primary Science.

I have written two autobiographical novels. The first one is called ‘It’s not a boy!’. I wrote this because I wanted to record some of our family history. I also wanted to record some stories from a time that is rapidly disappearing. I gave a talk to all of you at Thursday club about growing up in 1940s and 1950s.Those of you who heard my talk will know that my real name is Victoria. I was born on VE Day 8th May 1945 and was named after the great victory.

I was coming to the Tuesday Club to talk about my second book telling of how I grew up and how the frugal 1950s changed into the swinging 60s. This book is a sequel and it is called ‘Me and my Mam’.

John Swogger has drawn a comic strip about me and my family history research in his book ‘Oswestry Heritage’ and he featured me in his Advertizer comic strip. He wrote and drew about the importance of writing down your family history.

I wrote my nature Notes column for The Oswestry and Borders Advertizer for thee years and compiled two books from these notes – ‘Robin on my Tea Cup’ and ‘Ducklings on my Door Step’.

Now, I write a weekly column for The Shropshire Star and you can read my column on Thursdays.

You can get my books through Booka bookshop in Oswestry or from our web site

You can read my weekly blog about life on a smallholding on the outskirts of Oswestry at

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