More than Meals on Wheels

Help urgently needed to provide meals to vulnerable local people

During lockdown in 2020, Qube and Oswestry Community Kitchen, OsNosh joined forces to provide weekly hot meals and grocery boxes to vulnerable members of the community. This service has provided hundreds of hot meals to people who would otherwise go without.

Using surplus food that would otherwise be wasted and produce from local independent businesses, Osnosh have produced weekly hot meals from the kitchen at The Centre on Oak Street. These meals are then delivered to local people by Qube and Dial-a-Ride volunteers.


We’re now in urgent need of donations to keep this service going. Can you help us raise £10,000?


Michelle Kelsall, Transport manager at Qube said: “This scheme has been about more than providing meals. It has allowed us to keep in regular contact with some very vulnerable and isolated people who may not have a support network around them. We have been able to monitor their wellbeing and provide additional support in other areas if needed. For many, our volunteers are the only face to face contact they have had in the past year. There are still many people who are not ready or able to get out and about. We are very concerned about the amount of support these people will get without the service.”


Ben Wilson from OsNosh said: “With access to food in North Shropshire ranking amongst some of the lowest in the country, and the persisting difficulties born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential that we carry on fighting for those who are most acutely affected. By providing a hot meal to those incapable of cooking for themselves, or incapable of travelling into Oswestry, we are providing both nourishment and important social contact. This can only carry on with the support of our local community, of which our wonderful volunteers are an essential part. Their participation is not only the backbone of our service, but offers them everything from the chance to learn new skills, to a friendly and nurturing environment; a calm little Island in these stormy times.”


If you are able to help us continue this service we would really like to hear from you. To make a donation please visit our JustGiving page or get in touch with us. Take a look at our campaign video below…