New Alcove Gallery Exhibition: Gill Crozier & Janie Mcleod

New Alcove Gallery Exhibition: Gill Crozier & Janie Mcleod

Visit our Alcove gallery this month to see a new exhibition, ‘Landforms… Small prints and collages’ by local artists Janie Mcleod and Gill Crozier.

Gill and Janie’s work is complementary in its shared love of landscape.  The ebb and flow of ‘Landforms’ allows for an expressive way of working to explore their responses to time and place.

Collage and mixed media work has a sculptural quality to it in its cutting, tearing and mark making which is refreshing and immediate. Whilst the discipline of printmaking requires an equally physical process it also has a meditative quality to it which elicits a particular response to a remembered experience of being on the land or the immediacy of being there.

Their work combines abstraction with more recognisable narrative and can take its inspiration from the North Wales coast, the far West of Cornwall and the lyrical landscapes of Shropshire.

On display until 31st March. You can also see some of their works here…