New exhibition: ‘Identity’ Photography Competition

New exhibition: ‘Identity’ Photography Competition

Following the success of it’s first three years Qube is delighted to be hosting a Photography exhibition in 2022. This photography competition and subsequent exhibition celebrates the art of photography. See entries to this years competition below, all on the theme ‘Identity’. Thank you to all the photographers who entered this year. The exhibition will be on display in the gallery until 28th March and also online here…

The Best in Show prizes was decided by Judy Mainwaring BPE1* from Shropshire Photographic Society. We are very grateful to Judy for helping with this incredibly challenging task. 


The five Highly Commended photographs that get a special mention this year are: 


Kerry Adams – Connecting with your inner self
I liked the dreamlike quality of this one, the idea that she is in a world of her own. The lighting on the face is lovely.  

Cordelia Weedon – Filomena’s Fashions Taylors
What a riot of colour! I love the fact that everyone is looking inwards at the lady with the green tunic, she looks so proud of her handiwork. A great capture! 

Paul Newman – Finding a path  
I like what this picture says to me, the diagonals are very strong, leading to the light of the sun. I like the wet and dry patches on the path. The person looking for his way in life perhaps. The strong contrast adds to the picture. 

Kerry Adams – Stand Proud
She certainly is, I love this photo, it’s a very strong portrait. The lighting shows every line in her characterful face and it’s beautifully sharp.  

Beth Williams – The Face Behind the Mask
I loved the idea behind this, the fact that the person is not all she seems to be outwardly to the world. It certainly tells a story and fits the theme perfectly.  


The winner of the Best in Show prize this year is: 


Mark Prescott – Felix and Ross with their Portrait
This is the standout winner. I love the relationship between dad and baby, which comes across totally in the painting. The fact that the baby is pointing to himself and his dad in the painting is totally endearing. What a great capture. 

Congratulations to Mark who has won £100. 


WE NEED YOUR VOTES: A People’s Choice prize will be awarded to the photographer with the most public votes. Vote for your favourite photograph in the gallery or online by 28th March.