New Exhibition: Life Drawing

New Exhibition: Life Drawing

On our Balcony gallery this month is a collection of drawings from members of Qube’s Life Drawing group.

‘Drawing from the figure is a real privilege – no other subject is so engaging while at the same time imparting such knowledge of form, proportion and space.’
Ian Rowlands (2005) ‘Life Drawing’

This untutored class has been running since 2014 and now runs twice a month. The group is a mix of artists and creatives of all abilities, each working in their own chosen medium in their own style. The group work from professional Life Models in a variety of different poses, some for just a few minutes and some for much longer.

Featured in this exhibition are works by Jennifer Wallace, Veronica Bowd, Alison Curran and Frances Claro.

“I was introduced to life drawing at art school, a long, long time ago. I really struggled with it, but ended up liking observational drawing (although I still struggle with it). It’s almost addictive. It’s lovely to be doing it here at Qube as part of a group who share this interest.”  Jennifer Wallace

We are drawn together

To draw.
Collective concentration
Draws out
The best in us.”     Veronica Bowd

“I wanted to join the Life Drawing Group to see if I could produce something half decent and then improve my skills. I am enjoying trying to do this and am learning useful tips from others.” Alison Curran

See some of the works on display below. Exhibition on display 5th May to 6th June.