Alan Murray


‘Landscape 1’

This was painted over a previous picture I’d done which contained quite a few oblong shapes. These now do the job of suggesting that there may be cultivated fields in the landscape (though there are also some in the sky if you look closely). There’s a hint of a summer sun, top left.
I can’t remember how the texture came about but I like it. Some sort of glue was involved and the paint appears to be flaking off in places – an effect I also enjoy. The yellow flashes, I hope, add energy to the scene.



This was the first of a few pieces with a black background and simple structures. Painting had to be fairly accurate and I enjoyed the fact that the shape of the hill gradually revealed itself, building by building.
The moon is simple but looks about right, especially from a distance.


Landscape 1
Paint on Canvas


Paint on Canvas


Alan Murray

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