Amanda May


“I have worked in the Arts for 30 years, both as a practicing Artist and an Arts facilitator, running Arts events and venues.


Historically I concentrated on wildlife and landscape art, using Acrylic Ink wash and detailed fine line drawing techniques.


But I became increasingly frustrated with the limitations this was imposing on my practice and found myself suffering the artistic equivalent of writer’s block for a while.


After a complete break from Art of any kind, I began experimenting with soft pastels and am currently exploring new subjects and processes.


This new approach is both exciting and a bit daunting, but so much more satisfying than the rut I had made for myself.


Both of these pictures were inspired by my daughters and were created specifically for this exhibition.


The poignancy of these pieces for me, is that for a long time even simple adventures like the ones represented, were denied us all.


How exciting to be able to pack a bag and leave the house or go digging on the beach again!”


Sun, Sea and Sandcastles
Soft pastel


Almost Ready
Soft pastel


Amanda May

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