Amelia Hemmings


Amelia Hemmings’ ‘Downward Dog Coco’ is a single colour linocut relief print.


The print depicts simple, yet strong lines to emphasise the organic classic pose of Coco, the dog. Hemmings uses a strong ink colour; burnt sienna, to anchor the calm natural characteristics of Coco.  The ink has been rolled using a method to create texture and depth to the print, these features compliment the simple carved lines of this strong print image.


Hemmings’ other work, dives into layers of colours and composition, recalling meaningful experiences within the natural environment; nature and it’s land. She creates layers of colours visible with subtle tones to add depth to the subject within it’s natural surroundings. Bold yet subtle marks shape the composition with her printmaking; the linocut printing method lends itself to profound fluidity and energy, which Hemmings experiences when recalling the memory during the process.


Hemmings graduated from Chelsea College of Fine Art in 1996 with a Foundation Degree in Art & Design.  Initially a self-taught printmaker and then developing her knowledge and skills further by attending workshops by Nick Morley and Alexandra Buckle.


This print was drawn, hand carved and hand pulled using her printing press. Using a non-toxic oil based relief ink on high quality acid-free archival paper.


Downward Dog Coco
Lino Print


Amelia Hemmings





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