Ann-Marie Hamilton


I have been practicing as a silver and goldsmith for the last 20 years and I’ve recently broadened my work to challenge scale by creating sculptural forms and exploring alternative materials.


All of my works incorporate metal or metallic threads in combination with either porcelain, feathers, paper, willow, textiles and plaster of paris. I employ a methodical process to my work and use jewellery techniques to construct the framework and apply the same level of precision and finish required for jewellery.


During the pandemic like so many I have become more intune with the rural landscape that surrounds me.  Therefore, my work explores the concept of memories associated with place and how stored memories provide us with a personal profile and are projected onto our future selves .  My work depicts a visual representation of fleeting short term memory through playful shapes and translucent materials and the more permanent long term memory by way of structure and intensity of shade and colour.


My work to date has been created in monochrome with gold accents but this recent exhibition has allowed me to explore colour and expand my research.



Handmade brass pendant constructed with an embroidery hoop inspired mechanism and hand crafted chain.  By dampening silks I allow the inks to spread across the fabric creating naturally occuring shapes.  The intensity of colour explores the transition from short term to long term memory and the energy created in the process.

Brass. Silk. Perspex, Acrylic ink, .2021


Episodic Series.2

Part of a series of sculptures exploring the ethereal and translucent qualities of feathers.  This sculpture explores the concept of memory storage and drawing memories from within us through sensory interactions.  Strategically positioned at regular intervals the feathers depict the 20 -30 seconds that short term memories are held.

Brass. Feathers. Wood .2021



3 varying sized brass sculpted forms interlaced to depict sensory, short and long term memory.  The translucent feathers depict the ethereal quality of short term memory and the sculpture is intended to appear playful and energetic.

Brass. Thread, Feathers. Wood .2021


Jewellery, brass, acrylic ink, silk and perspex



Episodic Series 2
Brass, wood and feather



Fleeting Series 2
Brass, wood and feathers


Ann-Marie Hamilton

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