“Hello! I am Anthea Wood and I am a printmaker living in rural Shropshire. It has taken a while (a little more than 40 years in fact) to embark on my artistic career but here I am. I have heard it said we are who we are going to be at 7 years old; it feels as if my creative streak has now come home to roost.”


“I have always drawn and painted, but have more recently been challenged and inspired by print-making. I am therefore developing new skills whilst I revisit and build on old ones. Oil painting and pastel commissions sit alongside watercolours and lino prints in my online gallery. Although the medium varies, I think my style can be described as illustrative. I look forward to seeing where the artistic flow takes me as I develop new techniques and explore printmaking.”



A selection of Anthea’s artworks can be found below.


Anthea Wood


Christmas 2021