Bianca De Maio


I am an Italian artist based in London.


I started painting in very young age and I have always loved drawing, but  I have  a strongly experimental approach, so it would not be appropriate enclose myself in one category, I could tell that what I do in my practice is basically an interpretation of  reflections about the life around me.


It could be very difficult to tell whether my approach is realistic or conceptual. although, my work is usually based on an empathy for the natural world.


I have been working since Spring 2019 almost exclusively with papier mache. A technique notoriously popular, which is extremely interesting to me for its versatility and expressive potential. The choice of materials has always had a strong influence on my language, and working with recycled cardboard allowed me to deepen my reflections on ecosystem problems, so much so that today I believe I can no longer help but setting my actions on the idea that  art today must necessarily be sustainable. For this reason I experimented with the technique until I find a way to create completely biodegradable objects.


Organic form is part of this process, and is a papier-mache sculpture made with recycled cardboard.


A kind of germinal form, with a central body and several branches, for the realization of which fallen twigs were used, which were assembled and placed in a plaster cast.


So the cast was used to record a track in a material usually considered as waste.


Organic Form
Recycled Cardboard



Bianca De Maio

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