“My work is a personal response to the land and home. I live in rural Flintshire where the distant mountains are my starting point. I create abstract atmospheric paintings that feel timeless, fleeting moments captured from a passing glimpse of an orange soaked field or the silence and stillness of shining sand and mist covered hill, which are infused with childhood memories, images and feelings.”


“I use colour and texture to create my paintings using acrylics and oils as I enjoy how it brings the surface to life, creating unique and individual images. My work evokes feelings and memories.”


“My practise began after completing a degree in Fine Art in 1987. I have been living with MS since 1996.”


“I have been exhibiting in Wales and across the UK in a number of solo and group shows. I have a BA (hons) Degree in Fine Art/Painting from ¬†Staffordshire University and a PGCE in Art and Design from John Moores University. I have work in private collections cross the UK and US.”


“My creative life is who I am. It sustains me and makes me feel whole.”



A selection of Catherine’s artworks can be seen below.


Catherine Taylor Parry

Christmas 2021