David Bannister


David Bannister is a landscape and portrait painter, living and working in North Shropshire. His distinctive style looks to capture the spirit and energy of his subjects, as well as to record and communicate how he experiences the world around him. As the artist explains, ‘I am inspired by elemental forces and forms of nature, and attempt to portray an essence or feeling for the subject beyond language or time.’

David paints in acrylics and oils, and tends to work on several pieces at a time, allowing freedom for paintings to emerge through spontaneous brush strokes and quick applications of thickened paint with the palette knife. He also uses sketches and photographs to weave memories and feelings in response to his subject. Recent paintings, inspired by land, sea and sky, aim to explore and create memorable, thought-provoking imagery that is emotionally charged.

David is also an accomplished animal and human portraitist and has delivered many successful commissions.

David offers drawing and painting tuition in one-to-one sessions and group workshops.


Acrylic and mixed media


David Bannister

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