Deborah Gibbs


I have lived in Llanymynech for over 11 years now, but am from South Wales originally. I have always loved the outdoors and everything natural, and so love to incorporate this in my art. After many years of wanting to try painting,  I finally started painting 4 years ago, loved it, and so in that same year I also started experimenting with fluid art, which is acrylic paint mixed with a medium. I use PVA glue and water, mixed with a few drops of silicone oil, and then I pour the paint on canvas, swipe it to create the pearl cells, then once it is dried,  I sometimes embellish it by painting flowers, which I love painting!


Lily of the Valley
Acrylic fluid art


Lace Mountain
Acrylic fluid art


Daisy Daisy
Acrylic fluid art


Dragon Blood Trees
Acrylic abstract art


Deborah Gibbs

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