Eden Ihle-Vance


My name is Eden and I live in Oswestry, Shropshire, though I grew up in Putney, South West London. In 2010, I attended Wimbledon School of Art, part of the University of the Arts and was lucky enough to be taught how to use the medium of clay by a very accomplished ceramicist Annie Turner. Annie supported me to expand my portfolio of knowledge around slab building, making plaster moulds, slip casting, pouring, coiling as well as various surface techniques.

This piece explores the intimate relationships, and at times, fragile nature of family, building connections, breaks and repair over the years. Each vessel uses a variety of techniques in porcelain, earthenware and stoneware clay.

I really enjoy working with clay in 3D, though have also developed a passion for print making, using lino cut and cyanotype. Since having my son 5 years ago I have also developed a keen interest in mural painting and am grateful to have received several commissions over the years. These have mostly been for Children’s nursery’s, though I have also designed and painted bespoke murals for general interiors.


Discovery of self, identity and relationships
Ceramic and copper
7 vases


Eden Ihle-Vance

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