Emma Aldridge


My prints explore the tender and mischievous relationship I have with the world I inhabit.


I seek the character in my subjects which are either pulled from reflections on the past or drawn straight from nature.


Here I have chosen the discipline of Lino Printing to satisfy my affection for Chester Cathedral.


With minimal planning and great patience, I have built this ‘quilt’ out of mulberry paper with images taken from the Cathedral floor tiles, door furniture, stained glass panels and old maps. The images are laced together with cut paper ‘fagoting’ – like drawn thread work, inspired no doubt from my years of working in theatre costume


Each image informs the next ; the colours are vibrant and intuitive and the soft silken paper creates sensations of movement and fragility in the story I am telling echoing the rich silk textiles and colours of ecclesiastical decoration.


This is one of a series of three works on Chester Cathedral and is part of my work for the Pushing the Boundaries Group. A development project between 6 printmaking artists and an enameller researching and responding to walks taken in the borders between England and Wales.


An exhibition of our work will follow at the Qube, with accompanying workshops in August to September, Theatr. Clwyd in December and Mid Wales Arts next year.


Chester Cathedral Quilt
Lino prints on Mulbery paper



Emma Aldridge





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