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Facing it

Talking about Facing It, David Bannister 2021

The work is the result of an enquiring mind and innate need to discover the truths about history, the present events unfolding and the motivations and plans of the people that hold powerful positions in our lives today. The need for us to reach out and begin to pry off the masks of deceit and pretence from the public faces of these notable individuals is evermore imperative. I hope this book will, in some way, nudge and provoke the reader’s response to find out a little more about the hidden truths we are being distracted from.


Behind the Facade

Portraits are more than just capturing a face – and David Bannister, who has drawn and painted portraits throughout his career, has become increasingly interested in how portraiture can be used as a tool for charting the inner essence and psychological make-up of the subject, a peep into their inner world. In particular, some of the world’s political élite and other leading lights have come under his scrutiny including a blurred, opaque Boris Johnson, a casually-pullovered Bill Gates and an incendiary Donald Trump.


In this series of portraits, though we may have no difficulty in recognising the identity of the well-known figures – some indeed are almost universally recognisable – the artist has set out to unmask his subjects, scrape away at the surface and uncover something of the true, unguarded person behind their public image. We have seen how many big-time leaders have won the power game by nefarious intent, and it is therefore not surprising that some of these portraits appear flawed and unsettling.

On the pages facing each portrait, alongside a partial reverse image, the artist switches from brushwork to verbal – offering his own bite-size wordplay on each subject.


Click here to view sample pages from ‘Facing It’. The book will soon be available to purchase online as a PDF book. There are plans to have it published too.


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