Gemma Louise


Art has always been something I have been drawn to throughout my life. After pursuing a degree within Fine Art, I have used art as a way of expressing my own emotions and use it as art therapy in some ways. Within this piece, I have explored the journey of slowly climbing out of my depression and anxiety which I suffer with on a day to day basis. The process is a long climb, and may seem daunting, but the more you progress, the brighter it becomes. It is natural to end up back at the bottom of this hill, but we can all slowly make our way back up again, a bit at a time, and rediscover ourselves, and the new aspects we carry with us in our day to day.


Discovery of My Self
Acrylic paintings on recycled canvases
1 – 3 are 20 x 60cm, 4 is 30 x 60cm
£110 (as a set)


Gemma Louise

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