Harold Hewitt


Although at first glance my picture of Hope Parish church Flintshire might appear to be a photo from one spot at one moment ; it is a constructed composition collaged together from hundreds of cut outs taking several months


While the picture did begin on location as an oil painting on paper, from one spot on one day , it was reshaped and developed at home from memory , from photos, from imagination , from knowledge, from stoty telling ; becoming a collage of all these elements


My experience of the world is not from one spot at one moment like a photograph Unlike a still camera I move through time and space and have two eyes ; so my experience is a collage of images, edited by my frame of reference , my values , my memory , my bias


Because a camera only has one eyeand is still, it freezes time and space In fact it doesnt see spaces, only surfaces , and flattens them , pushing them away By collaging with cut out photos I try to regain the feeling of space behind things , that our two eyes experience , but the camera doesnt


Collaging also gives me moveable parts, that allow the composition and narrative to emerge and change There is a beauty in everyday life, but sometimes it benefits from rearranging , to alter or emphasise some aspect, as in any piece of drama


The viewfinder of a camera amputates our experience down to 70 degrees By adding peripheral vision I try to overcome the feeling of looking at the world through a letterbox


By making large pictures and attempting to include spatial depth and peripheral vision Im trying to regain that immersive experience we’re all familiar with I want us to feel in the picture , just like life , not detached and looking on


I hope this immersive picture draws you into the spaces of everyday places which have been quietly dramatised


I watch in HOPE for the Lord – Micah 7:7  Hope Parish Church, Flintshire
Paper Collage


Harold Hewitt

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