Holly Hayward


A highly driven Artist, Holly has sought to paint a diverse range of subject matters from her local environment on the Shropshire/Welsh border to Snowdonia in North Wales.


Holly works with a challenging health condition – a previously undetected labral tear in the hip which occurred whilst scrambling mountains, then later progressing to widespread CRPS.


However, in the wake of mobility losses and continuous pain management, the artist has been effectively exploring ways of putting local events and special places to canvas. The need to use contrasting colour and tone is a means of rediscovering an inner buzz, previously fulfilled by walking mountains.


For many, the sight of a single hot air balloon often drives us to track its path of adventure until disappearing from sight. Yet here, in this moment, we can hold that empowering vision of volume and colour. By placing the viewer amongst the crowd, the artist invites you to feel the excitement and suspense of imminent adventure.


Holly is based in Lower Hordley and always welcomes studio visits by appointment.


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Holly Hayward

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