Holly James


My inspiration comes from walking. Walking the same routes over and over again for months, as many of us did in lockdown. I would walk, and look around, and take photos with my phone. That’s really where this started, and my idea for a monthly series grew out of that.


I wanted to retain the true colours as much as possible, for example, to use the exact shade of yellow in a crocus, and not what shade I thought it was. So I used colour picking apps to give me RGB codes, which I could then translate to thread shades.


I enjoy using textiles because it’s like painting with texture. Each thread holds different amounts of dye and reflects different amounts of light. It is meticulous and joyous work in equal measure.


Holly James is a textile artist working in Nottingham, UK. Their work focuses on seasonal changes, sustainability and making by hand.


In 2021, James was awarded a grant from Arts Council England to develop her practice. Over 12 months, she’ll be creating a new series of textile works, experimenting with digital drawing, and evolving the ideas that underpin her practice.


April 2021
Cotton, wool, lurex, silk and spray paint



Holly James



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