Jannine Burgess


I am Jannine Burgess, a mostly self taught artist. I moved to a small hamlet within the borders of Oswestry in 2013. I rediscovered my love of art and painting in 2014, my preferred medium being oils.
You can access my works on my Instagram page @jannineburgess
This painting, ‘FORGOTTEN DEPTHS’, was originally inspired by the curiosity of a world within our world that little is known about, the deep trenches in our oceans. The fact that such extreme different living environments exist on the same planet, the alien looking life and how it survives I find fascinating.
Whilst researching specifically the Puerto Rico trench, the painting began to take on a darker meaning as I discovered between 1973 and 1978 alone, 387,000 metric tons of pharmaceutical waste was dumped in the area. That’s equivalent to 880 Boeing 747’s, out of sight out of mind,
unfortunately it’s not as simple as that as we are discovering from the impact it is having on the whole environment.  As we gain  more knowledge there is  hope for a better future for all living things.


Forgotten Depths
Oil on canvas


Jannine Burgess

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