Jessie Dixon


This year’s theme of ‘Discovery and Exploration’ at the Qube Gallery feels wonderfully fitting to me as I am currently discovering and exploring the art world as an emerging artist. I have been painting and drawing since the pandemic slowed our world and the practice has increasingly become a big part of my life.

I live in the well known book town of Hay-on-Wye situated on the Welsh border where I am graphic designer for a design agency with a conscious; focused on ethical and environmental projects. I also help to run ‘& The Chair’ an exciting new art gallery in the heart of the town.

‘Piano’ was one of my first ever paintings as an artist. An abstracted self portrait when I was struggling with my mental health for the first time. During the time of this painting I was rediscovering myself as a person since I was in new relationship alongside being a stepmother to a little two year old boy.

The night before painting ‘Ratty’ I was obsessing about the meaning of life like never before. I frantically sketched out mind maps trying to make sense of it all; time, birth, death, the universe… I did not find the answer to any of it of course and after a couple of hours I pulled myself out of the rabbit hole. I think I felt like the rat searching and yearning for the egg, yet only finding the cup onto which the promise of an egg is held.

This is the very first time my work will be on show and so this is a very exciting moment in my life that I will surely always treasure. I am exploring and discovering more about myself as the days go by, both as a person and an artist and am excited to see what the future holds.


Acrylic on plaster


Oil on canvas paper




Jessie Dixon

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