Jill Impey is a socially engaged artist working with printmaking, installation and moving image. She seeks to better connect us with nature and through nature with each other.

This journal, Honouring Weeds, Wild Flowers and Seeds came about as the result of online workshops that Jill hosted throughout the 2020/21 COVID lockdowns and beyond. Each week, she chose a plant from daily walks and her own small wildflower border to honour, notice and identify by drawing and making a print and collage of that plant. Making in the virtual company of other artists was both inspiring and beneficial for her well-being. With these works she hopes to encourage us to take notice of and honour plants for our own and the planet’s well-being:

*Use an app or book to identify the plants
*Research safe culinary uses e.g for making herbal teas
*Maybe look up symbolic meanings of the plants from our collective histories
*make space for wild habitats, where you can

The mono-print collages featured are printed on Japanese papers and include collage pieces from The Big Issue magazine.

At the end of 2020 the first set were made into postcards by recycling some old stock postcards as backing and sent out into the world to friends and family. The 2021 originals are available to buy as postcard artworks.


A selection of Jill’s works can be found below.


Jill Impey

Christmas 2021