Johanna Smyrell



Johanna has been a Maker for many years, working in oil, watercolour, acrylic, silk and printmaking.

She was born in Northern Ireland and has lived in Shropshire for twenty-five years. Both regions and landscapes have considerably influenced the direction of her work.

Johanna’s present work reflects a turn to the abstract. Abstract figures and landscapes sit alongside purely intuitive abstractions within the body of her work. Her newest works point in exciting directions for both exploration and discovery in the studio. These fast-evolving art works encourage one to, ‘watch this space.’



Forest Light
Mixed media


Into Joy
Mixed media


The submission, ‘Forest Light’ is an exploration of the effects one experiences coming to a sunlit clearing from the tree-filled forest. It is evocative of the dazzling effect of bright light as it suddenly hits the eyes.

This work can be viewed within the gallery space in Oswestry for the duration of the exhibition (framed work, dimensions – 36×36 cms, mixed media of acrylic/graphite/oil crayon, can be purchased at Qube for £300).

This second painting came together as pure expression; hence the title, ‘Into Joy’. It draws on child-like colours and a light-heartedness often avoided with a more sophisticated colour palette.

Framed and glazed, 58×67 cms, mixed media of acrylic/graphite/watercolour crayon, priced at £400.


Johanna Smyrell

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