Karen Lowe


I am a Shropshire based writer, painter and textile artist. I take inspiration from folk and fairy tales, old buildings that have a story to tell, and from gardens and nature. I work in acrylics and oils, as well as fabrics, and like to create texture and depth to my pieces.


This year’s Exhibition theme, ‘Discovery and Exploration’ immediately brought to mind the moment Mary Lennox discovers her ‘Secret Garden’. The book has always had a special magic for me and the feeling of an old folk story.


As a child I loved the animated silhouettes of Lotte Reininger, and more recently the silhouette illustrations by Jan Pienkowski. Using initially a Craft Robo digital cutter and then the Silhouette Cameo, which link to a PC, I enjoy designing and cutting out images for my artwork. For my ‘Secret Garden’ piece I wanted to use layers of paper to create a more 3D image. It shows Mary stepping out of the book into the garden, using paper printed with text from the story to create the mysterious atmosphere of the tangled rose briars and overgrown trees. The trees are designed and cut on the Cameo, as is the figure of Mary and the garden door. The simpler shapes I cut by hand.



Discovering the Secret Garden



Karen Lowe



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