Khalil Salem Bterram High School 


Qube has been working with Taking Part and Shropshire Council to create imaginative, fun and creative activities for people to do at home during lockdown and beyond. The resources have been made especially for the ‘Good things to do at home’ project by creative practitioners from across the country and are available for all to download and use. We were delighted to be contacted by Dr Diana Jeha in Lebanon to say the resources were being used by her students and invited them to share their work with us.  


The artwork in this section is presented by a group of students from Lebanon who attend a government funded school in the Northern Governance. 


What is unique about Khalil Salem Bterram High School is both the high standard of education and the secular and impartial values that are embraced by the school, allowing the institute to accept pupils from all socioeconomic and religious background in an area that have been recently struggling for harmony and unity.


The school is directed by Mr Michel Nasr who is helped by a team of dedicated teachers and assistants, including Dr. Diana Jeha who is the main fine art teacher at the school.


COVID-19 hit Lebanon hard and school learning has been interrupted since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Art lessons have been delivered via virtual media and based on the feedback from the students the lessons have been a welcome distraction from ongoing worries providing both social and emotional support.


The material provided by the Qube has been invaluable in generating interest, creativity and excitement amongst the students who are looking forward to seeing their work exhibited on the website. The material also introduced the students to techniques and genres that are not currently covered in the local academic syllabus and we are hoping to continue using and be inspired by what is posted on-line.


Here is a selection inspired by “Good things to do at home”. Click the images to see the full picture.