Leila Hodgson


This years exhibition theme of ‘Discovery & Exploration’ made me think of the creative journey I have been on for the last two years.
I have been studying Applied Art at Wrexham Glyndŵr University and ‘Wall Brooch 2022’ is a culmination of all the skills I have learnt during that time.
‘Wall Brooch 2022’ is based upon storytelling and human  mark-making, especially in the form of carving into trees.The images that can be seen on the porcelain discs were made by pressing clay into images carved into plaster by my family & fellow students.The main frame of the piece is made from brass and represents the grid like structure as seen on trees such as sycamore, tying in with the tree carving theme.The smaller brooch which hangs from the main frame features a ‘Tree eye’ which is made on the bark when a tree self prunes.The eye is a symbol of storytelling & to replicate this a tree eye was cast using molten brass & enhanced with a synthetic emerald.
By making a wearable piece in the form of a smaller brooch the story can develop over time with the person who is wearing it.
Greetings cards were made to accompany ‘Wall Brooch 2022’ using the same porcelain discs that are used in the actual piece. These cards will be available to buy from Qube & all proceeds will go to Wrexham Homeless, helping people in need in the Wrexham area.
I am looking forward to continuing my studies next year and hopefully once I have graduated I will pursue a career in teaching or art therapy.


Wall Brooch 2022
Mixed materials (Porcelain, brass, synthetic emerald)
28 x 43cm


Leila Hodgson

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