Lisa Lochhead – Exploring Sacred Essence


Lisa started painting in 2014 after she was intuitively guided to paint how she felt the connection to the ‘Divine Feminine’ within her as an unfolding dialogue. At this time in her life she was going through a major life change as her conditional yes to life was breaking down. She felt compelled to pick up a paintbrush and paint. Her extensive background experience teaching meditation and spiritual practices led her to approach creating art as an intuitive, meditative and listening practice.


As a mystically-inspired intuitive artist she weaves visionary ideas and storytelling into earth medicine through her very striking and colourful artwork. In her creative process she works with her rising ideas and values around her communion with the Sacredness of Life. This permeates through all her work creating a strong visual and deeply felt impact. Her passion for bringing alive an inner expansion of consciousness in bold colours with strong Soul-filled messages invoke a heartfelt and soul deep response. Her art empowers woman through connecting in this soul resonance to know more of their sacred essence. As a creative catalyst she enables woman to bring creativity alive as a path of self-love. Arousing the power of creative connection as a path of enhanced well-being, healing and joy.


She works from her Studio and upstairs Gallery in the town centre of Whitchurch, Shropshire. She is currently working on an inspiring series of paintings for an Oracle Deck based around her online art membership programme which honours and supports the connection to the Divine Feminine and the natural cycles called Art of the Sacred Wheel. This programme supports you to align your creativity with the rhythm of the seasons through the Wheel of the Year and the cycle of the moon.


Lisa has also recently graduated from a Mastery Program with the Milan Art Institute. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, art teacher and a facilitator of transformative sacred spaces.



Lisa Lochhead