Lucilla Melville


On the theme of Discovery and Exploration, I thought about wonderful days spent with our kids by the sea.
They loved rockpools. Seeing the colours in a miniature marine world in crystal clear water. Looking for tiny hidden fish, shrimps, crabs or sea anemones and collecting so many shells!In Rockpool Foragers I imagined a Spring day when it feels warm but the water is still a bit too cold for swimming! The rocks on the beach look good to climb. You can feel the breeze and smell the sea. Hear the waves and excited voices.
I’ve always loved the idea of storytelling through pictures. I’m getting to grips with painting again after quite a long break. The Shropshire landscape and big open skies where we live inspired me to return to watercolour.
I hope you enjoy Rockpool Foragers.


Rockpool Foragers
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Lucilla Melville

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