Mark Tamer


Through my work, I’m looking to find a balance between chance and control, and between; construction and destruction, signal and noise and ultimately, life and death. I embrace the accidents and errors as they not only remind us how vulnerable and delicate we are, they can often show us something new. It is at the point of breakdown that the medium begins to reveal itself. Through glitches and mistakes we get to see the base elements, the very construction of the material that creates those illusions of reality, the apparatus of photography itself.


Autonomy is a single work of four self-portraits that were shot in sequence on film. The film itself was left to soak for two months in a chemical bath of the prescribed medications I depend on. The end result is a chemical breakdown of the film and of my own self-image. The final sequence has been digitally flipped and repeated to emphasise the self-reflection aspect of the work.


Photographic print


Mark Tamer


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