Michele Coxon


Memory Blanket
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Are memories all we leave behind? Memories trapped in old photos. We keep them in dark boxes for years until no one remembers who the people were. By printing the photos onto fabric and embroidering each square with colour,  I’m taking them out of that dark box, into the light and  bringing them alive for the next generation.
My granddaughters love the blanket and have discovered relatives that had died long before they were born. I also have discovered so much making this blanket and there are tears on some patches and questions I want to ask my gran and my mum, but it’s too late. Why didn’t I ask them when they were alive? The girls laugh at the recent photos and talk about their own memories which adds to the story of our family tree. We are not just looking at flat photos but seeing each person as a colourful, tactile piece of art. My problem was running out of space so I plan to do another blanket with all the pets on!


Russia Dogs of War

This sculpture is my attempt to create a moving and hopefully powerful piece representing the war in Ukraine. We have discovered to our cost that by not putting a stop to Putin sooner he thought he could take whatever he wanted. Why did our government not bring in tough sanctions after Salisbury?
Will the Dogs of War kill the Dove of Peace?



Michele Coxon

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