“Photography has been a huge hobby of mine for the past 6 years after being gifted my first ‘big’ camera.  It’s taken me to all sorts of places and yet during lockdown I became much more aware of what was on my doorstep.  When I’m taking pictures that’s ‘my time’ and also allows me to switch off from everything else going on.  All the photographs are taken very locally – two in my garden which is about as local as it gets! I don’t edit my pictures very much so the ones here are very much ‘in camera’.   The Iris and Hosta is a double exposure –I  took the first picture of the hosta and then took the second of the iris and the camera blended them together. The summer meadow was just about putting my camera on the ground and taking a picture – I was really pleased with the ‘dreamy’ effect.  The daisy was taken in my garden and as I went to take the picture the breeze caught the daisy which creates the movement in the photograph.


The proceeds from the sale of these pictures and cards will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.”



A selection of Michelle’s photographs can be found below.


Michelle Kelsall


Christmas 2021