Nichola Ethelston


I like to capture emotions through the way I paint. It will often come from an experience, thought or even a dream. It’s usually the things in life we take for granted which may even go unnoticed by others. Because of all the emotions embarked in life, my mind is continuously creating every minute of every day. It is very busy! My work is purely a diary of my life without words, so I paint what I see and feel.


I have several pieces on the go at the same time. I do not get too hung up in how I lay down my mark making or paint, I continue until satisfied in expressing that emotion. More recently, I enjoy capturing the contrast of light and dark, by using beams of light which glow through quick brush strokes.


Through all the layers of different mediums, I like to hide small details where they can only really be seen up close. During my process, I completely zone out and never really know what I am doing, as I do not stop to think until satisfied with each layer.


‘See’ is about driving out darkness and looking into the light. She is hesitant and desperate to look back, but she isn’t going that way. From once seeing nothing, she now sees the beauty around her which is why there are so many colour compliments to compare all the emotions she has experienced along the way.


‘Trust’ is part of a series with three other paintings: ‘Love’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Nurture’.


My purpose of painting this series is because in life we all need to be nurtured, we all long to be loved, we all must put our trust in someone, and we all hope there are better things to come.


Mixed media


Mixed media


Mixed media


Nichola Ethelston



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