Oscar Ihle-Vance


My name is Oscar and I am 5 years old, I live in Oswestry with my mummy and daddy and our dachshund and pet guinea pigs.

One of my favourite things to do is colouring, especially dinosaurs and animals! But one day mummy showed me how to make a picture using plants and the sunlight. I went around our garden discovering and gathering leaves all different shapes and sizes, and laid them onto paper I had covered in a yellow liquid. We put them in a frame out in the sunshine and they changed from yellow, to blue, to green, grey and even brown. I took them back inside to the kitchen and washed the pictures in a tray. Its amazing watching it change colour! It was so much fun. And I even persuaded mummy to let me make a picture with a dinosaur footprint, feathers and letters too! See if you can spot them.

There is so much fun to be had in the garden! And who knew I could make pictures with the sun!


Mummy and Me in a garden in Oswestry – Exploration of Nature Through Cyanotype
8 A4 Prints


Oscar Ihle-Vance

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